Local SEO: 7 Ways to Tap the Local Online Market?

Local Search Engine Optimization is a different ball game as compared to an average SEO campaign. Not only do you have to work on the nitty-gritties of customary SEO, you will also have to incorporate an additional layer of complex local SEO parameters. This goes beyond simply having directory listings.

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Employing Humour in Marketing: A stand-up comedian as your brand ambassador and other funny bones

Incorporating humour in the marketing scheme of things has been a concept that has been thrown around and employed by several firms, with great success. We can still recall the famous Amul Baby ads which seem to have gained a sense of timelessness. If done correctly, humour works as an excellent consumer engagement and interaction tool because of the connectivity trifecta that it brings to the table – humours is relatable, memorable and builds a bond based on trust.

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